Smart Buildings.
Smarter Owners.

An enterprise smart apartment platform that empowers property owners to drive rent value, maximize operational efficiency, and boost NOI through technology amenities.

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The next-gen amenity solution tool designed for apartment spaces.

An enterprise smart apartment platform with a suite of fully integrated products, services and partnerships designed for owners, managers and residents.

Increase returns and provide amenities that are already expected.

An internet-ready space is the backbone of a smart apartment. Create new streams of revenue and enhance your overall property value with amenities that are expected in today’s world.

Streamline property management and reduce inefficiencies.

Log resident packages, automate rental showings and get alerted when sensors detect danger to avoid disasters. Remotely control door locks, lights, thermostats and more from anywhere, at anytime.

Be the champion of your residents by offering the latest and greatest.

68% of CRE executives believe that tenants will pay a premium to live or work in a smart building. Get ahead by offering integrated low-cost smart solutions for your property that provide a resident-centric experience.

Simplified deployment and support with no strings attached.

We design, curate, deploy, integrate, and support every solution from the ground up. We eliminate the need for third-party consultants and multiple vendors by being the complete provider for your property technology needs.

Community WiFi.
Monetized Internet.

  • New revenue streams. Mine your “internet oil” with subscriptions and network ads, ensuring that your tenants pay you and not the ISPs.
  • Future-proofed. Get future-proofed broadband, ensuring that new amenities down the road don’t require new infrastructure.
  • Convenience. Hassle-free internet on day one to get quickly plugged in so your residents can feel right at home.
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"Generate up to $30 ($360/Year) of NOI with per unit per month through resident-based WiFi".

Smart Units.
Make More, Do More.

  • Cut costs. Save up to 30% on your energy, spatial management and building maintenance costs by deploying smart solutions that track things for you.
  • Drive value. Smart apartments are resident-centric and provide market contrast while driving rent costs. Unlock opportunity revenue by offering a high-value space that residents will search out pay more for.
  • Operate efficiently. Get more done by doing less with keyless entry for maintenance, self-guided tours, and internet-ready units that let residents get connected on day one without the move-in anxiety.
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"With 32% of all homes in the U.S. classified as smart, investing in smart apartments isn’t just smart thinking – it’s forward-thinking".

"This locally owned Tucson company believes in integrity and consistency with their communications to their vendors and, more importantly, to their customers”.

Germaine A. Pesquiera
Senior Business Development Manager

Increase rental unit showings with self-guided tours.

Enable prospects to search available units using a completely web-based self-guided tour experience of your property without the restriction of office hours, limited staff resources or COVID related health concerns.
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